The Ladenzeile way of conscious shopping

We’ve come a long way in our exciting rebranding journey – from the moment of truth to our reason why and our personality built on technological expertise and creative imagination. And as you’ve probably noticed by now, we’re passionate about matching products with the right owners.  We have yet one more concept that we hold […]

The Ladenzeile promise: it’s never just a product

The new Ladenzeile helps people find their favorite products

‘Find what you love and love what you find‘ – sounds catchy and the truth is, we have focused on product comparison as our superpower for over ten years. That skill is something we’re pretty proud of. This year we decided to launch a whole new look and feel to our platforms, striving to make […]

Ladenzeile talks TechCon: 4 learnings from our Experimentation Program

Anaïs Pitou and Danielle Chang-Matthias

TechCon is an internal conference within the entire Axel Springer group that connects tech- and product enthusiasts from all over the world to learn, inspire and share experiences. This year, Anaïs Pitou and Danielle Chang-Matthias from Ladenzeile’s Growth Team stepped into the spotlight to share learnings from their recent work journey: 4 things we wish […]

How we reinvented our Hackathon

Is it worth organizing a Hackathon

The world moves fast. So does the industry and our daily work, always being on a mission to better what we do and why we do it. We’re constantly acquiring new skills and techniques to optimize our work, and with our Hackathon approaching, we found it necessary to also take a moment to reflect on […]

Warum ein Hackathon?

Is it worth organizing a Hackathon

Die Welt wird jeden Tag geschäftiger und jeden Tag werden neue Technologien entwickelt. Um mit diesem Tempo mitzuhalten und sich kontinuierlich weiterentwickeln zu können, ist es wichtig von Zeit zu Zeit inne zu halten um sich mit neuen Konzepten und Techniken vertraut zu machen. Daher haben wir uns dazu entscheiden einen Hackathon abzuhalten, obwohl es […]

Ladenzeile response to Zero-Day Log4j vulnerability

Ladenzeiles response to Zero-Day Log4j vulnerability

Ladenzeile and its internal developer team became aware of a potential security incident on Friday, December 10th, which had a global impact across many software services and providers. A zero-day vulnerability to a widely used Apache component called log4j was announced. This vulnerability is limited to certain versions of the library and has already been […]

Ladenzeile Antwort auf die Zero-Day Log4j-Sicherheitslücke

Ladenzeiles response to Zero-Day

Ladenzeile und sein internes Entwicklerteam wurden am Freitag, den 10. Dezember 2021, auf eine mögliche Sicherheitslücke aufmerksam, die globale Auswirkungen auf viele Softwaredienste und -anbieter hat. Eine Zero-Day-Schwachstelle in einer weit verbreiteten Apache-Komponente namens log4j wurde bekannt gegeben. Diese Sicherheitslücke ist auf bestimmte Versionen der Bibliothek beschränkt und wurde in der aktuell veröffentlichten Version bereits […]

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