The Ladenzeile way of conscious shopping

We’ve come a long way in our exciting rebranding journey – from the moment of truth to our reason why and our personality built on technological expertise and creative imagination. And as you’ve probably noticed by now, we’re passionate about matching products with the right owners. 

We have yet one more concept that we hold dear to our hearts at Ladenzeile: conscious shopping and its impact on all of us – the people and the planet. In this article, we will take you through some of the ways that we as a product comparison website are currently taking action on the topic. But before we dive in, let’s first visit our definition of the concept:

What conscious shopping means to us

To us, conscious shopping means loving something right away and in the long run, instead of entering endless cycles of buying and returning. Now, how do we translate this into what we can actively do to support more intentional shopping behaviors?

Through careful curation and best-in-market product comparison, we’re able to help our users live up to this idea and give them the power to make conscious choices. Because investing in things of personal meaning doesn’t only let you feel good in your skin, it also entails a lasting value for our environment. With us, users can consciously and effortlessly find what they’re going to love for a long time – or as we call it: Lieblingsstücke that last.

First-runners in second-hand product comparison

Sharing is caring and at Ladenzeile, we believe that products have even more of a story to tell when they’ve been loved before. That’s why we’re not only aiming to be the go-to place for finding new favorites – but also strive to continuously contribute to a fair and sustainable e-commerce market by also offering pre-loved products. As the first comparison platform to integrate second-hand in its inventory, we’re proud to enable users to browse through more than 1.5 million fashion items in Germany to find favorites that have been loved before.

Our Senior Growth Manager, Danielle, has been the frontrunner on this project together with her team. The unique experience we bring users when shopping with Ladenzeile, she explains, is the fact that users can now browse and compare new products right next to second-hand products:

“As one of the top product comparison sites, focusing on fashion, living, and lifestyle, we want to embody the spirit of sustainable fashion. By integrating second-hand into our regular fashion inventory, we serve more than just those who are used to shopping second-hand fashion – we can normalize the experience for so-far-non-second-hand shoppers, too. We are empowering online shoppers on Ladenzeile to experience sustainable shopping in one category at a time.”

– Danielle, our Senior Growth Manager

For people in doubt about whether to buy new or pre-loved, being able to compare all in one can save them a lot of time. However, there are different reasons and benefits to why online shoppers might choose second-hand products over new ones, such as:

  • Save money while often buying higher quality products for the same cost
  • Reduce mass production and the impact of waste on the environment
  • Find unique items that are no longer available as new

No matter what the reason is, we at Ladenzeile see it as our job to support our users in making the conscious decisions that feel right for them. That’s why we went even one step further and added B-stock items to our home and living inventory:

“Introducing B-stock products to our inventory has added a unique value that benefits not only our users and partners but our entire website – from a market perspective, the topic definitely has strong potential,”

– Schanya, our Senior Business Developer

While second-hand products tell their story from a former lifetime, B-stock products are items considered “open box” because they may have been returned to the manufacturer or retailer for various reasons, such as use for demo purposes, or minor cosmetic defects. 

By enabling people to also find their favorites among B-stock items, we can offer users yet another sustainable shopping choice that, as a result, can help reduce waste and save money all at once.

Sustainable also means loving it longer

Now that we’ve explained that conscious shopping for us means investing in long-time favorites, buying second-hand items, and b-stock items, there’s yet another aspect of the concept that’s significant to us: taking good care of the things we love.

So to further support our users in making more sustainable efforts, we’ve created a free, extensive e-book on eco-friendly fashion and tips to extending the lifetime of favorite products:

“We recognized that sustainable fashion – for many – can be an overwhelming topic to follow, and therefore wanted to create something meaningful that would make it easier for our users to both understand and implement at home. Our e-book does exactly that: it’s filled with proven, expert tips and tricks on how to live up to the principles of sustainable fashion and improve your wardrobe with more sustainable choices in the long run. Everything is summed up in an easy-to-follow checklist,”

– Christine, our Digital PR Manager and fuel behind the initiative

Being devoted means staying committed to change

At Ladenzeile, we walk the talk. We’re conscious, confident, and committed to what we believe in. From launching second-hand inventory to adding B-stock items to our catalog and continuously providing free upkeep guidance for our users, we’ve taken the first steps on our journey. 

But this is just the beginning. We know that real change takes time and dedication, and when it comes to contributing to a more sustainable e-commerce landscape for both the people and the planet – the walk must continue. That’s why we believe that being truly devoted means staying committed to the change we want to see. 

Curious to learn more about who we are and what we’re up to? Take a look into life at Ladenzeile, our people, and our projects here!

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