The Ladenzeile promise: it’s never just a product

Find what you love and love what you find‘ – sounds catchy and the truth is, we have focused on product comparison as our superpower for over ten years. That skill is something we’re pretty proud of. This year we decided to launch a whole new look and feel to our platforms, striving to make it an easier and a more fun experience for our users to find the things they love. Why did we do so and how did we get here? 

Written by: Ladenzeile Brand Team

Well, we never lost sight of our clear ambition: to become the leading product comparison platform for fashion, living, and lifestyle in Europe. But from time to time, it’s necessary to review the path taken to make sure you’re going in the right direction. So, “what’s the plan?” we asked ourselves. If you want to stay on top of the game, you must keep playing. That’s why we felt ambitious and went to the heart of our DNA to find out who we truly are.

Lieblingsstücke finden at Ladenzeile and Shopalike

Dominik, our Managing Director, remembers what initial thought made the significant contribution to our whole re-brand journey:

“We all consume a lot of products, sure. If you like an item, you decide to go for it. But we discovered something more: the things we buy aren’t merely random products. These shoes, that couch, or a hiking backpack represent a part of ourselves: products tell stories, can connect us to memories, and change how we feel. They always have a meaning.

We all want to buy not just any product. This is why we help you to find products that spark your inner joy. In the end, our purpose is simpler than we expected but way more powerful than we originally imagined: Lieblingsstücke finden.

As a brand, you need to know why you’re existing and what is the meaning you add to the world – the same goes for our team. At Ladenzeile, finding what our users love is our biggest desire.

“For me, finding favorites means the end of online shopping with 15 browser tabs open to visit different online shops. Finding favorites is going to Ladenzeile because you know you will easily find what you are looking for thanks to a large diversity of shops and offers,” says Lucie, our Head of Growth.

Online shopping should be convenient, easy and fun to do

From Engineering to People, Sales, or Marketing – each of our teams, teammates, and different skill sets is key to living up to our promise. Together we make this possible. Julia from our Category Management Team explained what excites her the most about the new direction we’re taking:

 “The new features of our product that improve the usability – making favorites fun and easy to find” – Julia, our Classification Specialist

In essence, this is our promise: We recognize that there is a relationship between people and the things they surround themselves with. Green socks, the unicorn pillow in the living room – whatever it is: if it’s important to our users, it’s important to us and we find it. And that’s exactly what turns every product on Ladenzeile into a Lieblingsstück.

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