Wiktoria’s first day as Agile Coach

As cheesy as this might sound, it’s definitely true: When I joined the Agile Team at Ladenzeile, I felt like I belonged from day one. Of course I was already excited to step into a new job, but to be met by people with whom I felt that I can grow together with was a true game changer for me. That’s why I’d like to take a moment of your time to share my Ladenzeile story with you.

Written by: Wiktoria Gasiorowska from Ladenzeile’s Agile Team

The story that began before it had begun

With (only a slight) fear of turning this into the sound of some rom-com movie, I already felt that I belonged at Ladenzeile before my journey had begun. It doesn’t happen often that you meet a group of people with whom you “just click” – and that was my experience already during the recruitment process. From the very beginning, I never felt like I was part of an interview but rather an interesting conversation about experiences, challenges and visions moving forward. Everything felt very natural, so I was beyond happy when the offer for my current position rolled in. And even more so: I was extremely curious to get my new journey started!

The morning view from Ladenzeile's office at the second floor of Axel Springer Neubau in Berlin

From “hello” to becoming a Ladenzeiler

When I – excited and slightly nervous – took my first footsteps into our office, it’s safe to say that I could quickly let my shoulders drop. I felt so sincerely welcomed. Not just by my amazing team, but literally by everyone in the company. Everyone would curiously swing a “hi, who and how are you” over the coffee machine or when passing by each other in the office.

Already within the first month, I had met at least half of the company by facilitating workshops for multiple teams – or hanging out on our amazing rooftop in the afterhours. Well, sometimes even combining both. For me, that shows openness both in the company structure, culture and the mindset of the people. From day one, I was given the opportunity to decide how I wanted to become part of Ladenzeile, or as we say: become a Ladenzeiler! And that’s exactly how I ended up having many, many, (many!), coffees, after-work beers and lunches with different colleagues. Thinking back, I honestly couldn’t imagine a better onboarding experience.

My favorite 3: People, freedom & impact

Different people value different aspects of work. What truly inspires and motivates me in my career have always been open-minded people, a warm atmosphere and the freedom to experiment and create impact. From my very first day, I knew that I had arrived in a workplace that ticks all of those boxes for me.

My Ladenzeile story is still in the writing. Every day, a new page turns and new opportunities arise. And every day I get to do my favorite thing, shaping the future of our workplace together with my colleagues. Now, that’s motivating to me – and that’s exactly why I wanted to share (the beginning) of my story with you. The rest is still to come!

Agile Coach at Ladenzeile, Wiktoria Gasiorowska

Meet Wiktoria

Wiktoria joined Ladenzeile as Agile Coach in May, 2022. Together with our Agile Team, she supports our departments and the organization as a whole on their journey of continuous improvement.

“There’s nothing more fulfilling for me at work, than my colleagues giving me their trust and sharing their thoughts with me. I simply love collaborating with people; together we can create the impact that shapes the future of our company,”

– Wiktoria Gasiorowska, Agile Coach

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