Hey green-fingers! It’s time to find your inner urban gardener

Cars run fast to the sound of the train rushing through above your head. People are chatting at the nearby corner café as a man walks by with his groceries in one hand and his labrador barking at strangers in the other: City life is great. It’s alive, but at times also hectic. And it surely can get a green heart longing for the woods for some quiet peace of mind and a catch of fresh air. You know the feeling? Well, we got good news for you, green heart:

Our new office at Axel-Springer-Neubau now offers urban gardens on the rooftop terrace. Yes, you heard it right: a 360 degree panorama view with a small city-escape-feel to it. With help from experts from Prinzessinnengarten, our colleagues can now grow and harvest vegetables and herbs together. All you need to do is to take the elevator up to the 11th floor and bring your best green hands up there.

Got hooked on the greens? Become part of the Green Team by contacting carolin.wunderlich@axelspringer.de – or join the Teams group to stay up to date with their new activities.

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