Partner Dashboard – an easy tool for campaign overview and management

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So, you’re one of our 4,000 partner shops and have your products listed on one or more of our Ladenzeile or Shopalike comparison websites. Naturally, you want to know how your products are performing and if there are ways to boost their success. We understand and support this desire by providing a tool for easy campaign overview and management – your Partner Dashboard.

A dedicated dashboard for each of your campaigns

Each shop that partners up with us on a CPC basis, as well as some affiliate partners, receives access to this dedicated platform for each of their markets. Therefore, if – for example – you have your products listed on and, you will have two Partner Dashboard accounts – one for your German campaign and one for your French campaign.

Deep insight at a glance: your KPIs overview

We believe that knowledge is power, and we are happy to share that power with you through a comprehensive overview of your campaign performance. With your Partner Dashboard, you can easily track the following performance data:
  • Clicks
  • Costs
  • Sales
  • Revenue
  • ROAS
  • Conversion rate
You can view them either in total or for selected timeframes or devices (desktop or mobile). Additionally, you can narrow down the performance criteria to see results for specific categories, subcategories, or even sub-subcategories of your products.

More insights with Sales Tracking

However, to access all of this valuable data, you need to have installed our Sales Tracking analytics tool. Without it, both you and we can only see your clicks and costs.

How to install Sales Tracking? In your Partner Dashboard you can find a manual that will guide you through the installation process. Of course, you can always turn to us for more support, if needed.

Isn’t a different tracking system enough?

Data tracking systems are not all the same, and only Sales Tracking is tailored to your collaboration with Ladenzeile or Shopalike. For example, unlike other tracking systems you may be using, Sales Tracking has a longer cookie window (60 days, instead of the usual 30). This is because we know that our users tend to complete their purchases even a couple of weeks after the initial click. This may explain the difference in the number of conversions you can observe when comparing our data to the data other tracking systems may be showing you.
Installing Sales Tracking enables your Success Manager to provide you with precise, tailored recommendations, which helps minimize your campaign costs and maximize your profits!

Easy CPC adjustments

The success of your products largely depends on their placement on our pages. To boost your products’ visibility, you can adjust your CPC rates for your entire inventory or selected product categories using the CPC Management tool.

Simplified view of the CPC Management tool in the Partner dashboard

Successful through the shopping seasons

During busy and competitive shopping seasons like summer and winter sales, increasing your CPC rates is crucial to outperform your competitors and attract more shoppers. Use your performance data to determine which product categories to prioritize. We encourage you to really drill down into the performance data. This will enable you to make informed decisions about which of your products deserve a visibility boost to perform even better.

CPC Management Tool and Sponsored Products Ads - what’s the difference?

The CPC Management Tool in your Partner Dashboard allows you to adjust your CPCs for all of your products, or only for their specific categories, subcategories, or even sub-subcategories. It’s helpful if you want to improve the placement of your products on all of our relevant pages.

If you only want to boost your products on our best-converting pages, try our smart bidding system, Sponsored Products Ads. Unlike the CPC Management Tool, Sponsored Products Ads can only be used at the subcategory level. However, they let you cut in line with your products ahead of your competitors if you outbid them in an auction. More information on this topic can be found in our dedicated Sponsored Products Ads article.

ROAS goals for continuous campaign optimization

In the Shop Settings tab of the Partner Dashboard, you have the power to set your own ROAS goals. This essential marketing metric enables you to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign. With your target ROAS, you can aim for a specific revenue goal for every euro invested in your campaign on Ladenzeile or Shopalike. Meanwhile, your critical ROAS sets the minimum revenue threshold you are willing to accept. Knowing your target and critical ROAS enables your Success Manager to not only suggest campaign improvements tailored to your goals but also proactively implement them whenever there’s a need.

Information promotes conversion

In your shop settings you can add your shop’s logo, as well as information about your shipping costs and accepted payment methods. All this is then displayed on our pages and keeping this content up-to-date is really key to your conversions. Many online shoppers will drop the purchase if they think the shipping costs are too high or if they can’t find their preferred payment method! So whether you decide to lower your delivery costs or discard them altogether, or add another payment method to your list – don’t forget to share this information with us in your Partner Dashboard.

You want more? Tell us!

We’re continuously working on improving your experience with your Partner Dashboard. Some of the changes you can see already, while we’re working on more to come. At the same time, we’re happy to collect your ideas about what you’d like to see in the Partner Dashboard.

Feel free to share your feedback with us!

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