Small shop, big win: Sponsored products bring 11x more sales to RENATO

Sneakers, bag, sunglasses and other accessories with a green plant and a simple background
Our extra promotion – sponsored products – proved a real traffic and sales booster for RENATO. This perfectly timed promotion enabled RENATO to sell off the stock it got stuck with after their two physical shops had to close for pandemic lockdowns. In 1 promotion month, RENATO sold over 11 times more goods than in the comparable period a year earlier. Now, that’s what we call big!

Since 2019 RENATO has been our valued partner and never missed a chance to explore the possibilities we offer. Sponsored products promotion proved to be the shop’s perfect sales booster. 

  • French family-owned shop both online and offline, with 2 physical shops in Brignoles
  • Offers over 300 products of 28 high-end fashion brands for men, women, and kids
  • Delivers to France and Belgium

Goals & Challenges

  • Increase shop’s visibility and attract more traffic
  • Increase sales to dispose of the inventory in closed physical shops
  • Win new customers

Approach & Solutions

Sometimes all you need to succeed is more focus and this is what we offered to RENATO. We suggested our sponsored products promotion, which involves increasing the visibility of a limited number of selected bestsellers.

RENATO took the offer seriously and decided to double their campaign budget to boost 4 entire categories (jackets, sneakers, sweatshirts, and polos). This secured their products top positions on some of our most visited URLs.

“As a small company, we had high hopes for acquisition strategy via comparison sites. Thanks to Shopalike’s expertise and well-tailored promotion offer, we gained significantly more visibility. Now I know that in the future, with just a few clicks, we will be able to easily adjust to and benefit from changes in trends.”
Anthony Lasagna RENATO owner


The sponsored products promotion brought some dramatic increases in visibility and traffic. These, in turn, translated into a very tangible increase in sales.

  • 290% increase in average daily clickouts
  • 780% increase in average daily impressions
  • 11x more sales

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