Support that brings success: recognition and sales to Snowleader

Woman in a winter coat and warm hat looks into the distance
They love it when it’s cold but didn’t say “no” to a hot extra promotion. Rightly so. Sponsored products proved a real traffic and sales booster for Snowleader – and that on a foreing market! During our Black Friday campaign, between 4th and 30th November 2021, one perfectly customized promotion enabled this French shop to double the traffic received via This, in turn, lead to 180% increase in sales!

Snowleader joined us in February 2020 and immediately started exploring the possibilities we offer. Sponsored products promotion proved to be the shop’s perfect traffic and sales booster.

  • Started and run by winter and mountains enthusiasts

  • Offers over 20k branded outdoor, winter sports, and fashion products for men, women, and kids

  • Present on 8 European markets, on 3 of them (Germany, Austria and France) also with Ladenzeile and Shopalike

Goals & Challenges

  • Increase visibility, conversion rate & increase sales and ROI 
  • Gain market share and recognition in Germany

Approach & Solutions

Intuitive tools and friendly support can make an online promotion “super easy”. This is how our partner experienced implementing and optimizing the shop’s campaign under the friendly guidance of the Success Manager.

Following the Success Manager’s recommendations, the partner increased the bidding on just 4 sub-styles with the highest potential of receiving more sessions in the Black Friday period. 





“I particularly appreciated the support and advice from my Success Manager. Germany isn’t our main market, but we were given guidance on which products to boost and advice on handling bid increases. I found it extremely easy to implement and optimize since CPCs can be updated by category and device at any time. We will be using the Sponsored Product again during our winter sale!”

Ciara Argentier
Traffic Manager of Snowleader




Image presenting the performance KPIs explained in the text below

The sponsored products promotion brought some dramatic increases to the shop’s visibility and traffic. These, in turn, translated into much more sales.

  • 103% increase in clickouts
  • CR reaching 1%
  • 180% more sales

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