Moving to Axel Springer Neubau came with a new view

“Home sweet home,” some say and we couldn’t agree more. It’s been almost two years since we moved closer to the Axel Springer family, relocating from our offices at Alexander Platz and into the brand new Axel Springer Neubau.

With the sun shining through the iconic windows of the world-famous piece of architecture, we still remember the beautiful view of the first group of our colleagues stepping into our new home. And when they explored the Campus and enjoyed the breathtaking panoramic views from the roof terrace, one thing became even clearer to us: Our home truly is a sweet home.

The sun still shines through the massive window frames, bringing light to our work days throughout all seasons of the year. And we’re excited to spend many more days together in our office, every day bringing our company a step further into the future.

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