What matters is not what you have learned.
It's what you will teach us.

At Ladenzeile, we’re all passionate about finding favorites – favorite products for our users, favorite customers for our partners, and the favorite spot for every single one of our growing team.

Redefine the way online shopping works and shape your favorite career with us.

Values we share

Free choices

To jointly shape a future of diversity and equal opportunities we

  • Give the trust we want to receive
  • Encourage individuality
  • Speak up – honestly and openly
  • Dare to be yourself, and let the same be true for others

Collective impact

To care, take ownership and strive for positive change we

  • Drive projects with commitment
  • Own our bit towards our shared vision
  • Pursue what sparks our inner joy 
  • Inspire others to make a difference

Digital imagination

To tame new challenges with the power of technology we

  • Pair creative instinct with relevant data
  • Keep curious, ask questions
  • Spread our ideas to give them wings
  • Test, learn, repeat

Generous empowerment

To listen, understand and create uplifting solutions we

  • Lend a hand whenever it’s needed
  • Share what we know
  • Seize every chance to learn and grow
  • Recognize others and give their efforts a stage to shine

Why you should work with us


Become an author of our story

Our vision to empower everyone to find their favorites leads us like the north star. It sets the direction but it’s you who finds the right way. Your skills and ideas can be just what we need to build the future of our product. Let’s find it out!


We have your back

Experience a dynamic and flexible work environment with flat hierarchies while enjoying the upsides of a larger company group – exchange with more than 16,000 experts from our universe or benefit from our broad learning network.


Find a place where you belong

Above all, it counts that you’re happy where you are. At Ladenzeile, we feel we’re more than colleagues: we talk, laugh, celebrate together, and support and appreciate each other. Because this is our biggest asset.

Become a partner

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