Team tips: How bite-sized learning makes agile principles more accessible to all

Image showing a blue piece in a fully white puzzle, illustrating the idea of

Developing a shared understanding of core approaches is vital for any organization. To be successful, it’s crucial, for example, to know what the company’s vision & mission are, how strategy and goals are defined, how performance is measured, or how crucial information is documented. At Ladenzeile, one of the core approaches also includes an agile […]

Breaking the taboo: why menopause needs to be discussed in the workplace

Abstract portrait of the female reproductive system made from flowers

While menopause is a natural and inevitable biological process, it’s unfortunately still a rarely considered topic within workplaces. This comes at the expense of both individuals and companies. As it often is, it’s the most difficult topics to address that are the most important to talk about: Written by: Saskia, Director of People, Culture & […]

Wiktoria’s first day as Agile Coach

Hello sign in neonlights when entering the Axel Springer Neubau building in Berlin, where Ladenzeile has their office

As cheesy as this might sound, it’s definitely true: When I joined the Agile Team at Ladenzeile, I felt like I belonged from day one. Of course I was already excited to step into a new job, but to be met by people with whom I felt that I can grow together with was a […]

Remote-first: How Ladenzeilers create impact from anywhere

Person working remotely

Our weekly Friday pizza turned into digital lunches and kitchen talks became virtual coffees. As everywhere else, the pandemic challenged our usual ways of connecting with our colleagues. But at the same time, we experienced great benefits from our new freedom in working in hybrid setups: At Ladenzeile, we saw a new opportunity to reshape […]

How we reinvented our Hackathon

Is it worth organizing a Hackathon

The world moves fast. So does the industry and our daily work, always being on a mission to better what we do and why we do it. We’re constantly acquiring new skills and techniques to optimize our work, and with our Hackathon approaching, we found it necessary to also take a moment to reflect on […]

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