Team tips: How bite-sized learning makes agile principles more accessible to all

Image showing a blue piece in a fully white puzzle, illustrating the idea of

Developing a shared understanding of core approaches is vital for any organization. To be successful, it’s crucial, for example, to know what the company’s vision & mission are, how strategy and goals are defined, how performance is measured, or how crucial information is documented. At Ladenzeile, one of the core approaches also includes an agile […]

Lieblingsstories: Elisa’s journey into Data Privacy

Protected data online, data safety when shopping, phone protected

How do you bridge being responsible for the structure of a single product category to counseling a whole team of Operational Specialists as a Senior and then into becoming a key role in supporting GDPR compliance infrastructure throughout an entire organization? The truth is that under the right conditions, anything is possible. As my contribution […]

4 learnings for the future: Always change a running system

People and team work is key in driving a company to successfully change, especially in challenging times

In times of economical challenges, we are as organizations often forced to rethink our systems and structures. At Ladenzeile, we wanted to understand how we can best meet changes in the future – and by learning from the Prosci Change Management Method, we identified four major points to help us do so. Today, we would […]

Remote-first: How Ladenzeilers create impact from anywhere

Person working remotely

Our weekly Friday pizza turned into digital lunches and kitchen talks became virtual coffees. As everywhere else, the pandemic challenged our usual ways of connecting with our colleagues. But at the same time, we experienced great benefits from our new freedom in working in hybrid setups: At Ladenzeile, we saw a new opportunity to reshape […]

Why we had to transform our technical landscape

Increased time-to-market, high maintenance costs and a technical landscape so outdated that SysAdmins would need to run to the nearby datacenter to replace broken hardware. At Ladenzeile, we were faced with an undeniable truth: an urgent need for change. Here’s why we formed a new IT strategy to rebuild our entire platform. Written by Dirk […]

Women, let’s talk numbers: 6 tips for your next salary negotiation

Saskia Weigand at Ladenzeiles office in Axel Springer Neubau

Nice to have, yet hard to talk about: Money. Especially when it comes to the value of our work, many of us find it challenging to negotiate our salaries. And although the topic can be difficult to talk about for many of us, my experience is that women are especially less resolute when negotiating their […]

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