Why do organizations need Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters?

Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters are inevitably in high demand nowadays. Have you ever wondered why the topic is so popular? We had a chat with our Agile Coach, Anca Trif, and asked her to give us three good reasons for a company to hire an Agile Coach:

Here’s what she told us:

1. An Agile Coach will help an organization better understand how to adapt to the present market conditions and stay focused on both understanding and meeting customer needs.

2. An Agile Coach will help break communication barriers between departments and identify their common interests and pain points and develop solutions.

3. An Agile Coach will mentor, teach and train teams and individuals in agile values and frameworks (like Scrum or Kanban).

We also wanted to know three good reasons why teams need a Scrum Master.

Here’s what we found out:

1. A Scrum Master will identify how teams can synchronize with the vision and mission of the whole organization, become more focused and more experimental to deliver more value for the customer in a shorter amount of time.

2. A Scrum Master will guide teams to discover the best practices for their own work.

3. A Scrum Master will address impediments that affect teams’ performance at the system level.

Sounds convincing? We agree. That is why we are hiring!

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